Experienced Teacher Pathway

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An alternative pathway for experienced provisionally registered teachers to progress to full registration was introduced in Tasmania in early 2021, following months of extensive feedback, planning, and collaboration with teachers, senior staff, and principals from all education sectors.

The consultation was very clear on the need for both the criteria and the matrix to be transparent for all involved. The criteria are based on elements mandated in the Teachers Registration Act 2000 and the Framework for Teacher Registration in Australia.

All Tasmanian principals can work with suitably experienced teachers to progress to full registration via this pathway (where they deem relevant, based on the criteria).

What are the requirements to access this pathway?

  • Current provisional teacher registration 
  • Employment in a permanent teaching position 
  • Good character (the Board will conduct a character check unless one has been done in the last four months) 
  • Fit to be a teacher 
  • Current registration for working with vulnerable people (RWVP)
  • Sufficient proficiency in the English language (per Board requirements)

A teacher’s principal/manager/appropriate delegate must also assess whether the teacher satisfies these conditions indicative of ‘experienced teacher’ status:

  • Suitable evidence of at least eight years* of teaching service in an Australian or New Zealand school jurisdiction (and generally, more than two cycles of satisfactory teaching service)
  • Not under a performance improvement/management plan
  • The principal/manager/delegate is prepared to provide a brief recommendation for access to this pathway. The person who provides a recommendation must:
    • currently hold full registration or have held it in the immediate past
    • currently work with the teacher or have worked with them in the immediate past
    • have knowledge of the teacher’s practice spanning at least three years and have gained that knowledge within the last five years.

*Eight years at 1 FTE or equivalent.

How do I access this pathway?

Part 1 – Recommendation
If your principal/manager/delegate believes that you meet the requirements (above), they must complete a recommendation for you to access this pathway.

Part 2 – Personalised evidence matrix
You and your principal/manager/delegate then work together to create a personalised evidence matrix. This forms the basis of your evidence of practice requirements to progress to full registration. 

Once the recommendation and evidence matrix are complete, the principal/manager/delegate sends these documents to the Board. If the Board is satisfied that you meet the criteria for access, we will confirm access to the pathway and supply editable templates, including the application form.


These questions were raised during consultation on the draft process for the pathway. For more information about any aspect of the process, please contact prof.standards@trb.tas.gov.au. 

Once access to the pathway is confirmed, the teacher chooses a practice-focused mentor in consultation with their principal and proceeds to complete the process (the mentor observes the applicant’s practice for the observation report).

There is no requirement to attend an information session for anyone involved in this pathway. However, we anticipate that a recording will be made available online, and watching the recording is recommended. 

  1. The applicant completes the application form except for Part 3 and Part 5. Part 4 requires the applicant to write a personal statement about how the evidence they presented for each Standard demonstrates their proficiency and their positive impact on student outcomes.
  2. The principal/manager/delegate and the mentor assess the applicant’s evidence in line with the evidence matrix. Included with the evidence is the (partially completed) application form. The panel does not write a report, but they do countersign the applicant’s personal statement if they believe it to be an accurate summary.
  3. The principal/manager/delegate and the mentor sign complete sign-off on their recommendation for full registration (Part 5). 
  4. The applicant completes their declaration on the application form (Part 3). They then check the application form is complete, make copies and then post/deliver the original to the Board.  

Please note
The Board will already have the Statement of Service, the matrix, and the recommendation for this pathway, inclusive of the criteria being complete. This information is not required again unless the Statement of Service is more than four months old at the time of application or principal-approved changes were made to the matrix.

The Board will email you confirming that we have received your application and raised an invoice in your online account, with information on how to make your payment.

When your payment is received and reconciled (you will receive an email confirmation) we will request a national record of conviction check (RoC).

Once your RoC is cleared, your application will be assessed (inclusive of attachments and recommendation reports). If it is found to be complete and compliant with all the requirements, your application will be approved and you will be notified by email that you have been granted full registration. 

Principals consulted about this alternate pathway agreed that it should also provide an opportunity to shape the direction of the process to fit with individual strengths and weaknesses already known by the principal and/or applicant; and/or shape the direction of the process to fit with a special project or learning community aspect for which the applicant is responsible/leading in the school already.

This process is meant to allow the principal and the applicant to focus on what should be celebrated about the applicant’s positive impact on students and colleagues, what could be improved, or what could be made more evident for other teachers and students to further lift teaching and learning outcomes in the school. That is, not just for the applicant and their students, but also for their school. 

Principals wanted the criteria to allow them to redirect those teachers whose practice was not yet considered proficient to undertake the standard pathway to full registration with its added requirements and opportunities for further professional development.  

Principals also wanted the process to enable a robust look at the aspect/s that an otherwise suitable applicant, was or was not displaying at proficient standard. This allows them to guide the applicant to work on those aspects and evidence them, rather than allowing them to play only to their strengths.

Therefore, the experienced teacher pathway is not simply a cut-down version of the standard pathway to full registration and should not be thought of in that way. 

It is anticipated that the matrix development process should result in most people producing more than one piece of evidence per Standard, given there must be evidence of the applicant’s positive impact on learning, engagement in learning and wellbeing/safety of students as well as for each Standard (as you would be aware, annotation does not equal evidence). 

Like the standard process to progress to full registration, this is a school-based process. You should discuss this with your principal/manager/delegates and practice-focused mentors and create a plan to complete the process in a timeframe suitable to you and your school. 

This process is only available to teachers who hold a permanent position. If you are working as a relief teacher or on a contract, you can still undertake the standard process for progression to full registration. Please speak with your principal to determine the appropriate pathway for you.  

No. SpVET registration is not a form of school-based registration and does not allow for progression to full registration. A Limited Authority to Teach is not a form of teacher registration, so you cannot apply for full registration.

This pathway is only suitable for teachers who hold a permanent teaching position and have taught in an Australian or New Zealand school jurisdiction for at least eight years (and generally, more than two cycles of satisfactory teaching service). 

If you have worked overseas for an extended period and want to gain full registration, please contact prof.standards@trb.tas.gov.au to discuss your individual circumstances.