Highly Accomplished and Lead Stages

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What makes a Highly Accomplished teacher?

Teachers at the Highly Accomplished career stage are highly effective and skilled classroom practitioners, who routinely work independently and collaboratively to improve their practice and the practice of colleagues. 

They contribute to their colleagues’ learning and may also take on roles that guide, advise or lead others, including colleagues and pre-service teachers. 

They maximise learning opportunities for their students by understanding their backgrounds and diverse individual characteristics and the impact of those factors on their learning. 

They have in-depth knowledge of their subjects and curriculum content. They work with colleagues to plan, evaluate, and modify teaching programs to improve student learning and keep abreast of the latest developments in their specialist content area or across a range of content areas for generalist teachers. 

Their interpersonal and presentation skills are highly developed, and they communicate effectively and respectfully with students, colleagues, parents/carers, and community members. 

Read the Highly Accomplished career stage descriptors (AITSL)

What makes a Lead teacher? 

Teachers at the Lead career stage are recognised and respected as an exemplary teacher by colleagues, parents, carers, and community members.  

They have demonstrated consistent and innovative teaching practice over time. Inside and outside the school they initiate and lead activities that focus on improving educational opportunities for all students. They establish inclusive learning environments, meeting the needs of students from different linguistic, cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. They continue to seek ways to improve their own practice and to share their experience with colleagues. 

They are skilled in mentoring teachers and pre-service teachers, using activities that develop knowledge, practice, and professional engagement in others. They promote creative, innovative thinking among colleagues. 

They apply skills and in-depth knowledge and understanding to deliver effective lessons and learning opportunities and share this information with colleagues and pre-service teachers. They describe the relationship between highly effective teaching and learning in ways that inspire colleagues to improve their own professional practice. 

They lead processes to improve student performance by evaluating and revising programs, analysing student assessment data, and taking account of feedback from parents/carers. This is combined with a synthesis of current research on effective teaching and learning. 

Read the Lead career stage descriptors (AITSL)

Certification as a Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher

In 2021 a pilot project was established in Tasmania to support the certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers. Tasmania’s innovative approach to HALT certification is supported by stakeholders from across the education sector. To learn more, please see our page about the Tasmanian HALT pilot.