Annual Returns

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Section 32 of the Teachers Registration Act 2000 requires a person authorised on behalf of the employer to provide the Board with an Annual Return regarding the registration status of all persons employed or engaged to teach at the school/workplace.

This requirement means that an authorised person (generally principals or their delegate), on behalf of the employer, must complete an annual return as of 1 July each year and provide it to the Board by the due date of 1 August each year.

To complete the Annual Return, the authorised person must declare that they have checked that all persons currently employed to teach at their school/workplace hold either:

  • provisional teacher registration, full registration, or Specialist Vocational Education and Training registration with provisional or full registration
  • a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) and are working within the provisions of that LAT
  • written approval by the Board under the provisions of the Permission to Teach / Teaching under the Supervision of a Registered Teacher Policy. Names of those employed under this policy must be provided.