Graduate Career Stage

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Teachers at the Graduate career stage have completed a nationally accredited initial teacher education program, and meet the qualification requirements for provisional teacher registration.

Teachers at this career stage:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the implications for learning of students’ physical, cultural, social, linguistic, and intellectual characteristics
  • understand principles of inclusion and strategies for differentiating teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities
  • understand their subject/s, curriculum content, and teaching strategies
  • design lessons that meet the requirements of curriculum, assessment, and reporting
  • interpret student assessment data to evaluate student learning and modify their teaching practice
  • select and apply timely and appropriate types of feedback to improve students’ learning
  • apply strategies for creating rapport with students and managing student behaviour
  • support students’ wellbeing and safety, working within school and system curriculum and legislative requirements
  • work ethically, collaborating with colleagues, external professionals, and community representatives, and contributing to the life of the school
  • apply strategies for working effectively, sensitively, and confidentially with parents/carers and recognise their role in their children’s education.

To find out more about the Graduate career stage descriptors, visit www.aitsl.edu.au/standards/graduate.

Progressing from the graduate career stage

Teachers play an incredibly important role in positively impacting the lives of the students in their care and in supporting the development of the broader community. The critical role of our profession in the lives of every child means that teachers constantly strive to work collaboratively in improving their practice. As a provisionally registered teacher, you can look to the Proficient career stage Descriptors to guide this improvement in practice. Once you can demonstrate your teaching competence against the Proficient stage of the Teacher Standards you will be eligible for full registration.  

It is expected that all teachers will progress to full registration within their first cycle of registration (typically five years), as they embed their practice and demonstrate their proficiency. 

If you do not progress to full registration within your current five-year registration cycle, you cannot renew your registration and must apply for a new cycle of provisional registration. The option to apply appears in your TRB Online account from 1 September in the last year of your registration cycle. To reapply for provisional registration you simply need to continue to meet the criteria for provisional registration and complete the online application process. 

To learn more about the process of progressing to full registration, please visit our page on Progressing to Full Registration.