Proficient Career Stage

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Teachers at the Proficient career stage have met the requirements for full registration by demonstrating their practice against the Proficient career stage Descriptors of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Teacher Standards).

A teacher with full registration:

  • creates effective teaching and learning experiences for students
  • knows the unique backgrounds of students and adjust teaching to meet their individual needs and diverse cultural, social, and linguistic characteristics
  • develops safe, positive, and productive learning environments where all students are encouraged to participate
  • designs and implements engaging teaching programs that meet curriculum, assessment, and reporting requirements
  • uses feedback and assessment to analyse and support students’ knowledge and understanding
  • uses a range of sources, including student results, to evaluate their own teaching and to adjust programs to better meet student needs
  • actively participates in the teaching profession
  • uses advice from colleagues to identify, plan and evaluate their own professional learning needs
  • works collaboratively with colleagues, seeks and responds to advice about educational issues affecting their teaching practice
  • communicates effectively with their students, colleagues, parents/carers, and community members
  • behaves professionally and ethically in all forums.

Progressing to full registration

Progressing to full registration is a significant milestone in a teacher’s career. Educators with full registration are recognised as reflective, experienced, collegial members of the teaching profession.

The process is designed to enhance professional practice and benefit the learning, engagement, and wellbeing of Tasmanian students.   

The Teachers Registration Act 2000 anticipates that all Tasmanian teachers will progress to full registration within five years of achieving provisional registration (within their first cycle of teacher registration).

Experienced teacher pathway to full registration

A pathway for experienced teachers to progress to full registration became available in early 2021. Principals in every Tasmanian school can work with suitably experienced teachers in progressing to full registration via this pathway (where they deem relevant, based on the criteria).