The Limited Authority to Teach Policy has been revised


A review of the Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) Policy was initiated by the Teachers Registration Board because of stakeholder concern about attrition rates in initial teacher education (ITE) and the welfare of and support provided to ITE student LAT holders.

A stakeholder group with representatives from each school sector, the University of Tasmania, Principals Association, Education Union and a Student representative was formed to consider the policy. Based on direct input from the stakeholder group, the policy was revised and circulated to the group for comment, prior to being submitted to the Board.

The new LAT Policy has now been approved by the Board and will apply to LAT applications received from 11 December 2023.

The Board prioritises student wellbeing and quality teaching. The revised policy aims to achieve optimal outcomes for our students, LAT holders and schools, by:

  • improving the welfare of and support for ITE student LAT holders
  • increasing the flexibility of LAT arrangements
  • reducing the administrative burden of LAT applications
  • ensuring that LAT holders meet English proficiency standards.

Key changes to the policy

  • At the time of application, a mentor must be nominated to support School-specific initial teacher education (ITE) LAT holders for the duration of their employment at a school.
  • The cap on maximum work hours has been amended to 0.6 FTE, for ITE LAT holders:
    • an ITE LAT holder appointed to a School-specific, fixed-term role that is less than 0.6 FTE may also undertake relief teaching to a combined maximum of 0.6 FTE in that school, without needing to make a separate relief application
    • an ITE LAT holder may increase their workload to 1.0 FTE during semester breaks (where they have completed all ITE course requirements to that point), without requiring an application for a LAT extension.
  • LAT applications may be made at any time during the year (rather than opening from 1 December each year for School-specific LATs and from two weeks prior to the end of Term 2 for Generic relief LATs).
  • A LAT may be approved for up to 12 months from the date of approval, rather than automatically expiring at the end of the school year.
  • LAT applicants must meet the requirements of the TRB English Language Proficiency Policy.

The LAT Policy and resource sheets (including FAQs and a process checklist), are now available on the TRB website.

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