New Board Announced

21/06/2023 TRB Staff

The chairperson is Mr Mike Blake


  • Amber Cohen
  • Beth Gilligan
  • Kate Dobson
  • Kirsten Adams
  • Kristy Pereira
  • Malcolm Wells


From the 1st July the Teachers Registration Board will move into the modern regulatory framework for Education Regulation under the Tasmania Education Legislation Amendments (Education Regulation) Bill 2021. The Bill was developed following considerable consultation with relevant stakeholders and includes three principal elements.

  • Firstly, it provides a contemporary governance framework for regulators to support the delivery of outcomes, while expanding the opportunity for stakeholder voices to be heard.
  • Secondly, it establishes a performance framework for the regulators that requires them to report against outcomes achieved.
  • Thirdly, it enhances the provision of independent regulatory decisions by the appointment of skills-based boards. It also does this by clarifying the respective roles and responsibilities of the regulators and the Department for Education, Children and Young People in education regulation.

We welcome our new Board that will begin work with the Office of the Board from the July 1st 2023.


We also express our sincere thanks for our current Board members for their ongoing commitment and dedication to contribute to the quality of teaching that our learners experience and regulating for their wellbeing and best interests.

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