Australian Teaching Workforce Data Survey – opens today

11/09/2023 TRB Staff

All teachers from Tasmania are invited to complete the annual Australian Teacher Workforce Survey. It only takes 10–15 minutes.


Each year, through the Australian Teacher Workforce Survey, thousands of teachers around Australia share the rewards and challenges of teaching to help us understand how to build a more sustainable teaching profession.

Join the growing teacher voice helping us learn more about:

  • Time spent on teaching, preparing to teach and non-teaching activities.
  • Career intentions and the reasons teachers are choosing to stay or leave.
  • Other important workforce experiences.

Every teacher’s story is unique. Every teacher’s story matters.

The Australian Teacher Workforce Survey for Tasmania is open to all teachers and leaders across schools and early childhood services. Your workforce experiences are important to us.

What teachers have told us so far

ATWD and data privacy

TRB Tasmania of privacy policy


The Australian Teacher Workforce Survey is part of the Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) initiative. It is the largest survey of the teaching profession in Australian.


Please see the email we have sent to your TRB-registered email address.

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