Australia’s largest teacher workforce survey under way

12/10/2022 TRB Staff

The largest survey of the teaching workforce in Australia is now open to all registered teachers in Tasmania.

The ATWD Teacher Survey is an important part of the Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) initiative being undertaken by the Australian Institute of Teaching and Learning (AITSL) – a valuable national evidence base providing important insight into how to address key challenges in the teaching profession.

The survey is an opportunity for teachers to share their unique experiences and insights, to help understand how teachers can better be supported and build a sustainable teaching profession that enables quality learning outcomes for all students. It is open to all registered teachers.

Each year, teachers across Australia share their stories through the survey, providing essential insight into everyday teaching experiences and challenges such as:

  • how many hours are spent on teaching, preparing to teach, and non-teaching activities
  • whether teachers’ qualifications and expertise are being fully utilised
  • the challenges teachers face and the rewarding experiences that keep them teaching
  • the types of early career support that are likely to lead to a fulfilling career for newer teachers
  • what teachers experience in progressing their careers.
See what the ATWD is showing

The ATWD Teacher Survey is entirely voluntary. The Teachers Registration Board encourages all registered teachers to complete the survey, as to truly understand the modern teaching experience, it’s important to hear from as many teachers as possible.

How to participate

The Teachers Registration Board emailed all registered teachers in Tasmania a link to access the survey on 5 October 2022. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The 2022 survey closes to Tasmanian teachers on 1 November.

Find out more about the ATWD Teacher Survey here.


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